Blubrry review : Is It the Right Podcasting Solution for You?

Blubrry positions itself as a full-service podcast host catering to a wide range of podcasters, from individual enthusiasts to professional businesses and networks. Here’s a summarized review based on the information from their website:

Features and Services of Blubrry

Hosting and Storage

At the heart of Blubrry’s offerings is its robust hosting and storage capabilities. For podcasters, this means having a dedicated space to house all their episodes without the worry of running out of room. It’s like having a vast digital library where each podcast episode is a treasured book.

Unlimited Bandwidth and File Size

One of Blubrry’s standout features is its promise of unlimited bandwidth and file size. This is a game-changer for podcasters. Why? It means they can upload episodes of any length without fretting over data limits. Whether it’s a short snippet or a marathon episode, Blubrry has got podcasters covered.

Optimized Media Delivery and Streaming

Blubrry isn’t just about storage; it’s about ensuring that podcasts reach listeners in the best possible quality. With optimized media delivery, episodes are streamed seamlessly, ensuring listeners get an uninterrupted experience. It’s akin to having a high-speed highway for your podcast, ensuring smooth traffic without any hiccups.

Secure and Reliable Servers

In the digital age, security is paramount. Blubrry understands this and has fortified its servers to be both secure and reliable. For podcasters, this translates to peace of mind, knowing that their content is safe from potential threats and that it’s always accessible to their audience.

Free Migration from Other Hosts

Switching platforms can be a daunting task, but Blubrry eases this transition with its free migration service. If a podcaster is looking to move its content from another host, Blubrry ensures a smooth transfer, making the shift hassle-free.

In essence, Blubrry’s features and services are tailored to empower podcasters, giving them the tools and infrastructure they need to shine in the podcasting world.

Blubrry’s Outreach: Expanding Your Podcast’s Horizon

Distribution and Syndication

Blubrry’s distribution and syndication services are designed to ensure that a podcaster’s content doesn’t just sit idle but reaches the ears of as many listeners as possible. It’s like having a dedicated marketing team for your podcast, ensuring it gets the spotlight it deserves.

One-Click Publishing to WordPress and Other Platforms

With Blubrry, publishing becomes a breeze. Their one-click publishing feature allows podcasters to effortlessly push their content to WordPress and other platforms. It’s akin to having a universal remote for your podcast, where a single button can broadcast your voice to multiple channels.

Automatic Submission to Major Directories and Apps

No more manual submissions! Blubrry takes the legwork out of getting your podcast on major directories and apps. With automatic submissions, your podcast can easily find its way to platforms like Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, and more. It’s like having a VIP pass, ensuring your podcast gets front-row access to the biggest stages.

Custom RSS Feeds and Web Players

Blubrry understands the importance of personalization. With custom RSS feeds, podcasters can tailor their distribution channels. Additionally, the custom web players ensure that listeners get a branded experience, aligning with the podcast’s identity. It’s about giving podcasters the tools to carve out their unique digital space.

SEO-Friendly Metadata and Tags

In the vast ocean of the internet, visibility is key. Blubrry’s SEO-friendly metadata and tags ensure that your podcast isn’t just another drop in this ocean but stands out. By optimizing for search engines, your podcast can climb the ranks and be easily discoverable by potential listeners.

In a nutshell, Blubrry’s distribution and syndication tools are all about amplifying a podcaster’s reach, ensuring their voice resonates far and wide in the digital realm.

Blubrry’s Data and Monetization Tools: Empowering Podcasters

Analytics and Statistics

Understanding your audience is the key to podcasting success, and Blubrry’s analytics suite is designed to offer just that.

Detailed Reporting

 Blubrry provides comprehensive insights into downloads, plays, the devices listeners use, their geographical locations, and more. It’s like having a magnifying glass that offers a close-up view of your audience’s behavior.

IAB Certification

 With Blubrry’s analytics being certified by the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB), podcasters can trust the data’s accuracy and compliance with industry standards. It’s a stamp of authenticity on your podcast’s performance metrics.

Integration with Analytics Tools

 Blubrry plays well with others! Its easy integration with tools like Google Analytics means podcasters can merge their podcast data with broader website metrics for a holistic view.

Historical Data Access

 Trends matter. With access to historical data, podcasters can track their growth, understand patterns, and make informed decisions for the future.

Monetization and Promotion

Turning passion into profit and expanding reach is made simpler with Blubrry’s monetization and promotional tools.

Advertising Opportunities

Blubrry opens doors to lucrative advertising partnerships with top-tier brands and agencies. It’s like having a marketplace where your podcast can attract potential advertisers.

Flexibility in Ad Deals

Podcasters aren’t bound by rigid terms. With Blubrry, they have the freedom to set their own rates and conditions for advertisements and sponsorships, ensuring they get the best deal.

Support for Premium Content

Whether through Blubrry Pro-Hosting or platforms like Patreon and Memberful, podcasters can monetize their content by offering premium episodes or subscription models.

Audience Growth Tools

Blubrry doesn’t just help you earn; it helps you grow. With tools designed for marketing, such as email newsletters and social media sharing features, podcasters can effectively expand their listener base.

In essence, Blubrry’s analytics and monetization offerings are a podcaster’s toolkit for success, ensuring they understand their audience, earn from their craft, and continually expand their reach.

Blubrry’s Pricing Breakdown: Choosing the Right Plan for You

Pricing and Plans Overview

Blubrry offers a diverse range of plans tailored to fit the needs of podcasters, whether they’re just starting out or seasoned pros. Let’s delve into the specifics of each plan:

1. Small ($12/month)

Storage: 100 MB per month

Ideal for beginners or those with shorter, less frequent episodes.

2. Medium ($20/month)

Storage: 250 MB per month

Perfect for podcasters who are gaining traction and need a bit more room to grow.

3. Large ($40/month)

Storage: 500 MB per month

Suited for established podcasters with regular, longer episodes.

4. Extra Large ($80/month)

Storage: 1000 MB per month

Designed for the pros, those with extensive content or multiple shows.

Common Features Across All Plans

All the plans, regardless of their price point, come packed with:

Unlimited bandwidth ensuring smooth delivery to listeners.

One-click publishing for effortless content upload.

Submission to major directories, expanding your podcast’s reach.

Customizable RSS feeds and web players for a personalized touch.

Comprehensive analytics to keep track of your podcast’s performance.

Additional Storage Options

For those who find themselves needing a bit more space, Blubrry offers flexibility:

Purchase extra storage at $0.05 per MB monthly.

Opt for an annual payment and get a discounted rate of $0.03 per MB.

Blubrry Pro-Hosting

For podcasters looking to elevate their game, Blubrry Pro-Hosting is the way to go at $49.95/month. It offers:

Advanced features like dynamic ad insertion to seamlessly integrate ads into episodes.

Geo-targeting to cater content based on listeners’ locations.

Comprehensive network management tools for those running multiple shows or networks.

Bandwidth is priced at an additional $0.10 per GB.

In summary, Blubrry’s pricing structure is designed with flexibility in mind, ensuring podcasters of all scales and needs find a plan that’s just right for them. Whether you’re just dipping your toes or are a podcasting veteran, Blubrry has got you covered.

Blubrry: Weighing the Good with the Not-So-Good

Pros of Blubrry

Seamless Integration: Blubrry’s ease of use, especially its seamless integration with WordPress and other platforms, makes it a favorite among many podcasters. It’s like having a plug-and-play device for your podcast.

Transparent Pricing: The promise of unlimited bandwidth and file size without any hidden charges or binding contracts is a breath of fresh air in the podcast hosting industry.

Top-Notch Media Delivery: With its high-quality media streaming and dependable servers, Blubrry ensures that listeners get an uninterrupted and premium listening experience.

Robust Analytics: Blubrry’s analytics are not just comprehensive but also certified, giving podcasters accurate insights into their performance. The access to historical data allows for trend analysis, helping podcasters make informed decisions.

Monetization Opportunities: Blubrry stands out with its multiple avenues for monetization, from advertising partnerships to premium content options. It’s like having a toolkit to turn your podcast into a profitable venture.

Cons of Blubrry

Storage Constraints: While Blubrry offers a range of storage options across its plans, some podcasters might find the monthly storage limits restrictive, especially when compared to some competitors who offer unlimited storage.

Pricey Pro Features: While Blubrry’s basic plans are competitively priced, the Pro-Hosting features come at a steeper price, which might be a deterrent for some, especially smaller podcasters.

Lack of Freebies: The absence of a free trial or plan means potential users can’t test the waters before committing, which can be a drawback for those unsure of their long-term podcasting plans.

Support Limitations: In today’s digital age, instant support is crucial. The lack of live chat or immediate support options might be a concern for podcasters who might need real-time assistance.

In conclusion, while Blubrry offers a plethora of features and benefits that make it a strong contender in the podcast hosting space, it does have areas where it might not be the perfect fit for everyone. As with any service, potential users should weigh the pros and cons based on their specific needs and preferences.


Blubrry: Best for those who have a WordPress site and want seamless integration. Ideal for those who prioritize certified analytics.

Libsyn: Suitable for professional podcasters who want a platform with a long-standing reputation and are willing to pay for advanced features.

Podbean: Great for beginners due to its user-friendly interface and unlimited bandwidth and storage even on basic plans.

Buzzsprout: Perfect for those just starting out in podcasting, offering an easy-to-use platform with beginner-friendly tools.

Recommendations and Tips for Using Blubrry Effectively:

Plan Selection: Assess your podcasting frequency and episode length to choose the right Blubrry plan. If you’re just starting, the Small or Medium plan might suffice. As you grow, consider upgrading.

SEO Optimization: Make the most of Blubrry’s SEO-friendly metadata and tags. Ensure your podcast title, description, and episode titles are keyword-rich and relevant to your content.

Dive into Analytics: Regularly review your Blubrry analytics. Understand where your audience is coming from, and which episodes resonate the most, and tailor your content strategy accordingly.

Monetization: If you have a decent listener base, explore Blubrry’s advertising opportunities. Alternatively, consider offering premium content for dedicated listeners.

Remember, the key to effective podcasting on Blubrry or any platform is consistency, understanding your audience, and continuously refining your approach based on insights and feedback.

Written by

Sreeram Sharma

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